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Thompson Tile, the dust free tile removal experts, welcomes you to our new site.  The main thing we want to stress right off the bat, is that the technology for removing tile has definitely evolved in the last ten years.

Many companies offer to show you how they removed tile from either homes or businesses, but what they can’t show you is how much dust they leave behind.

Also, they just show you the easy jobs, not the difficult ones, so you are not getting the full picture.

Traditionally, most companies use Hepa filters, which, although they remove 98% of dust, still leave 2% behind.  How much is 2%?  Imagine a 1000 SQ FT job, lets’ say there ends up being about 50 pounds of dust that wasn’t collected by the Hepa filters, who exactly is supposed to pick up the dust left behind?  Exactly, either the homeowner, or the company that removes the tile.

What about the thin set?  Who removes that?  Does your tile removal company charge extra for that service or is it included?  Also, are they kicking up dust when they remove thin set?  These are good questions that you should ask whoever you call, before you settle on any particular company.

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Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat, the dustram is great!  It’s not for rental though, it has to be purchased through Jack King and his website.  So, here is what the above video is all about:

In this video we begin by showing the old fashioned way of tile removal. You might have heard of a “way” by putting some fans in a window or a door and “praying” the dust will all magically exit through there. Funny thing, it never does. Those of you who have tried it can vouch it really doesn’t work all that well. For those of you who haven’t and are planning to, well, get ready for one of life’s most negative HOME experiences. Before you end up going through this, it might interest you to know of the existence of a much better and scientific way to go about tile removal.

The video moves on to show you the DustRam™ System for removing ceramic tile virtually dust free and super ultra-fast. With the correct DustRam™ System and in only 1 day, a 4 man crew can remove up to 1500 sq. ft. of ceramic tile and thinset inside lived in and occupied spaces. It true, we do it all the time! The DustRam™ System prevents dust from migrating throughout the home and its contents.

If you’re a homeowner desperately looking for a way to protect your home against the dust you’ll be cleaning for months, call us and find out more. If you’re a contractor who hates tearing out tile and cleaning the mess, you should also be calling us.

If you’re really a particular homeowner or contractor, then take a few moments to find out more.